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Zoe Dubus

“He brings the constituents of his daily life into dialogue with surreal and enchanting elements that become protagonists of his works.”

Zoé Dubus (Paris, France, 1986). He studied sculpture at the La Cambre School of Visual Arts, in Brussels, and later attended the Deepening Program at the Parque Lage School of Visual Arts. Currently the artist lives between Paris and Rio de Janeiro.

"Her pointillist (attention to detail) and colorful universe plunges us abruptly into a whirlwind of stories. Guided by her environment, her experience, or even her imagination and extravagances, she narrates in a sublime way, love, violence, sadness, joy, beauty, defects and cruelty of our society and its beings, life! She creates, invents, enchants. In her world, she brings the constituents of her daily life in dialogue with surreal and enchanting elements that they become protagonists of his works. People then become animals, snow falls in the tropics, children dance with the wolves and life becomes a game of chess. It's their way of apprehending the absurd and capturing the ephemeral, the madness that runs through us." - Madeleine Deschamps

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