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Eduardo Scatena

"Eduardo's research focuses on the study of the limits of matter in painting."

Eduardo's research (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1981) focuses on the study of the limits of matter in painting. Very interested in his processes, his work is developed with the application of very thin layers of paint in a liquid state. With the physical manipulation of the screen, the liquid undergoes the action of gravity. The mass is controlled and the typical “accidents” of painting are avoided, thus reversing the logic of what is expected of paint in this state, which is to stain, run and behave in a random way.

The artist's painting is also related to the cancellation of the gesture, since the traces of the brushstroke are undone with the physical manipulation of the canvas. The printing of the ink on the canvas is the result of a water evaporation process, so that the remaining pigments become embedded in the fabric.

The result is extremely economical paintings in the volume of matter deposited on the surface, presenting smooth transitions between colors that induce the spectator to question whether the painting is really a manual work or a work carried out with the aid of some tool other than the brush, or even the result of some technological device, such as an impression of a digitally constructed image.

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