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"Heavily influenced by woodcut and street art, he fuses the two genres by taking urban art to the roots of popular art."

Derlon (Recife, Pernambuco, 1985) was strongly influenced by woodcuts and street art. He merges the two genres by taking urban art to the roots of popular art. His works are full of references to Brazil, especially the Northeast. The artist's language favors few contrasting colors, evoking the aesthetics of string literature.

His main solo exhibitions include: "A Beleza do Tempo", Galeria Amparo60, 2019; "O Reinado da Lua", Artur Fidalgo gallery, 2018; "Ouro Branco", Artur Fidalgo gallery, 2014; "Kings, Queens and Plebeus", Furnas Eletrobrás RJ Cultural Center, 2012; "The New Free World", Funarte, 2012; "Derlon", Artur Fidalgo gallery, 2011.

He participated in collectives such as: "Brazilian Street Art", Horniman Museum, London-UK, 2016; "Villa Ocupada", Nantes-FR, 2015; "Arte Core", MAM (Museum of Modern Art), Rio de Janeiro-RJ, 2014; "Mix Max Brazil", Tropenmuseum Junior, Amsterdam-HOL, 2012; "Narrativas em Madeira e Muro – Samico e Derlon", 47th Salon of Plastic Arts of Pernambuco, State Museum (MEP), Recife-PE, 2008.

The artist's work can also be seen on walls around the world: Amsterdam (HOL), Lisbon (PT), Newcastle (UK), and on the mural inside the Embassy of Brazil in London (UK).

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