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Danilo Ribeiro

''Creates series that are inspired by themes related to youth or cultural phenomena


Danilo Ribeiro (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1983) creates series that are clearly inspired by themes related to youth or contemporary cultural phenomena.

Danilo began his studies in drawing and painting at the age of 13 with professor Marlon Silli, who also took him to the studio of artist Lydio I Bandeira de Mello.

He graduated in Arts at the Instituto Metodista Bennett, where he took art history classes with Reginaldo da Rocha Leite. Later, under the guidance of critic and curator Fernando Cocchiarale, he attended the Parque Lage School of Visual Arts.
He participated in the 2011 Deepening Program, supervised by Anna Bella Geiger, Fernando Cocchiarale and João Modé.

It is present in the collections of André Stock, Antônio Ciciliano, Carlos Vergara, Luiz Schymura, Rafael Lacerda, Roberto Lemme and Roberto Secchim.

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