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Fernando de La Rocque

"Scenes of sex orgies with humanoid figures; live golden cockroaches, sent by Sedex; paintings made with blowing cannabis smoke..."

Fernando de La Rocque (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1979) graduated in Sculpture from the School of Fine Arts at UFRJ (2004).

The focus of the artist's production has been the Colônias series, known for its viewpoint where, from a distance, it presents a balanced and geometric organic composition, but as it gets closer, scenes of large sexual orgies with humanoid figures are revealed, with which the artist builds colorful, fun, energetic scenes with surprising cosmogonic content.

Two other emblematic groups of work are found throughout the artist's trajectory: the series "Blow Job Trabalho de Sopro", where he paints characters from History using the breath of cannabis smoke as paint, and the series Baratas de Ouro, which it began as an urban interference and mail-art, in which the artist painted cockroaches gold and sent them alive via Sedex.

Among his main solo exhibitions, the following stand out: "All that is most sacred", Artur Fidalgo gallery, Rio de Janeiro, 2014; "Barata de Ouro", Sérgio Porto Cultural Space, Rio de Janeiro,2010; "Lambe-lambe", Siqueiros Public Art Room, Mexico DF, 2011.

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